DanksReview- Crazy Rich Asians

Being Cultured

Review by Dankwa Brooks

#CrazyRichAsians Review: I was going to and DID support this film in theaters, but a funny thing happened, I loved it!

Do NOT get it twisted, the trailer looked good and I wanted to see it. The whole time throughout though I kept thinking “this is nice”. Beyond the “cultural explosion” of Chinese culture in the film since the first frame, I thought it was an adequate #LoveStory that fit the usual beats. Rich boy, poor girl, domineering mother, you’ve seen it, as have I.

But that funny thing was, by the all-important Third Act, the film was firing on all cylinders and was paying off everything it had laid out. The film also had a great end to a side story that I kind of didn’t care about—until the end.

Straight up, I thought the couple in question RACHEL and NICK was…

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